Caterina Montesi (b. 1990, Pesaro, Italy) is a visual artist and interdisciplinary designer based in Berlin who mainly works with drawing, painting and photography.
Her work is characterized by an educational path that touches and connects different disciplines of the art and design field. In 2013 she took a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design at Polytechnic University of Milan, where she was also a didactic collaborator in the class of Visual Culture for the Design from 2019 to 2021. In 2018 she took a Master’s Degree in New Media Art at Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, where she explores photography and video art.
Her research is focused on the perception of everyday objects, interiors and urban landscape, exploring the boundaries between art, design and storytelling.


My main interest has always been the human artifacts: from the urban landscape, to the architecture of inhabited spaces, to the realm of objects, in a continuous shift of scale. What interests me the most about places and objects is both the shape and the meaning, how spaces and objects become containers of multiple immaterial and symbolic information. In the last years I’ve been focusing on the nature of objects and our relation to them. The intention is to investigate the architecture of objects, observing and extrapolating their peculiar formal qualities. I am fascinated by how these forms underlie the need and synthesis of technical, aesthetic and production decisions, and how they are able to tell the stories, habits and customs of an entire society. The objects that surround us define us and place us in the world. We deposit on them stories, moods and passions. Whether we use them, whether they are indifferent to us and we abandon them, they do not stop radiating a particular energy of their own. The result of this research is not of a documentary type. Objects became the pretext for the creation of other worlds. It is through the visual synthesis that these worlds are created, between the figurative and the abstract realm.



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