I Care Because You Do, 2023

on-going series
acrylic on cardboard
30 x 35 cm


The starting point for this series are protective packaging. Objects with a very short life cycle, produced to protect and transport other products and once emptied hardly disposable. These negatives, whose previous contents are no longer discernible, are structured in extremely articulated and peculiar forms, generated by software that calculates the most efficient form in terms of space and material. The results is very anomalous shapes completely at the service of content. Through painting I explore the surfaces of those special artefacts, as if they were a territory to be mapped, ancient ruins or future space bases.


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The concept of “take care” is the main function of packaging design, but it is also at the same time a common message of advertising language. Quite often, products refer to us as actual interlocutors, promising to take care of us and requiring us to do the same.
Packaging constitutes one of the main marketing levers: the appearance of a package plays an important role in the decision to purchase, but also constitutes a huge ecological issue downstream in the consumption process.
Manufacturers are aware of the impact they have on the planet, but profit outweighs any environmental problems. The ecological problem is often offloaded onto consumers and their choices, nagged by manipulative communication strategies and greenwashing.

“I care because you do” echoes the communicative tones to which we are accustomed, emphasising how the emotional leverage of the advertising message can make us feel responsible and induce us to consume, seduced by the idea of a false sense of civic duty.