n°14, 2016

6’, animation movie, mixed techniques
direct by Caterina Montesi
sound design by Niccolò Di Gregorio

Short film selected at 54a Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema – Pesaro Film Fest, Pesaro (IT) 2018
and at Animavì – International Film Festival of Poetic Animation, Pergola (IT) 2018


Places continue to exist when we leave them.
What happens when we are no longer there?
It is night, we are in a residential neighborhood of an unspecified city. There’s nobody.
Anonymous buildings follow one another, we wander on the streets, we settle in this world.
Nothing is happening, but the impression is that the action is taking place elsewhere, something mysterious, out of our vision. We stop and look at on an ordinary building, at no. 14 of an unspecified street. We go in and go upstairs, we are in an ordinary apartment, but nothing happens yet. Was it a dream?

N 14 is the preamble of a potential story that will never develop, the presentiment of something that could happen, the fantasy or probably the paranoia of an insomniac, swept away by the early morning lights.











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