Rilievo, 2017

photographic series
baryta photo paper, 150 x 100 cm


A city, a neighborhood, a plot of land abandoned indefinitely, the traces left by man and by weathering shape it day after day. Sun, rain, ice, break the earth and smooth the edges, while pioneer plants take over and conquer new fragments of territory one piece at a time. All this happened due to bureaucratic indecision block which suspends the reclamation works, waiting for this portion of land to be sold and returns to being productive and normalized. This free time granted to the soil is an unproductive and dilated one and allows it to express itself in all its biological possibilities. An undecided and dormant place that becomes a precious territory, rich in biodiversity. Starting from the constant observation of this Third Landscape, that is «a space that expresses neither power nor submission to power» as defined by the biologist and landscape architect Gilles Clément, the photographic series Rilievo documents and develops a fourth one. The ground becomes plastic material for the creation of a new possible landscape, which manifests itself in a collection of fragments of an alien place to be discovered whose characteristics and variations are recorded.